I have known Georges Bouhey for nearly 8 years.  Georges came to me during a  2004 fall recruitment for the newly formed vocal jazz ensemble, Central Singers at Central Oregon Community College.    For the next four years I and many of my students had wonderful experiences working with a drummer that is dedicated to his art as well as a continuous drive to instill values in students that he worked with on a weekly basis.  In all my encounters with various drummers, you rarely find a drummer who is sensitive to the needs of a vocal group as well as providing musical experiences for the growing musician.  Georges always made tasteful and bright suggestions to the repertoire that we were preparing on a regular basis.  My students listened to him and myself mainly because he is respectful to people who he works with on a weekly basis.


As a full time professor at COCC my schedule is always full, but I try and make the time for any requests he may have because of his professional qualities as a drummer and the profound influence he has on students either through a group or individually through private study; and most of all as a good friend.



Our son, Laz, had been playing piano for 3 years when he met Georges, who was teaching a summer jazz ensemble.  Laz had been following a disciplined classical routine.  At the same time, as he was getting older and listing to more jazz, pop and R&B, we could tell he was losing interest.  We also knew that this is the time when the vast majority of young musicians quit.  But Laz loved jazz music, so we thought working with Georges might inspire him.  Since making the switch, Laz has become a fine young jazz piano player.  He is self-motivated to practice and is continually inspired by Georges’ great ear, passion for all forms of music and mild manner.   Georges has inspired Laz to take the piano to a new level, to the point where he was invited to perform in Ten Grands For Kids at the Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, where he played in front of 3000 people!”  Georges has made music fun, and cool and, at the same time, weaves in a disciplined and organized structure regarding time, theory and interpretation.  Georges is the best!--- Marshall & Lisa Glickman 


“Our son is a freshman in the music program at Summit High this year. He has just graduated

from a middle school that didn’t offer formal music programs. Fortunately, he has been playing in Georges’ Jazz Combo class (and taking private lessons from him too) and is prepared for success this year at Summit.”

                                                                                                Mark Buchner

                                                                                                Suzy Williamson


 “I love taking drum lessons with Georges and playing in the Jazz Combo.  I’m learning a lot and I’m getting better and better…especially my reading!  I really feel like I’m prepared this year.” 

Christiano Mazziotti, Senior--Mt. View High School 


To Whom It May Concern:

I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for jazz clinician/musician Georges Bouhey.

In April of 2012 my jazz band had the privilege of working with Mr.  Bouhey for the good part of one morning.  I found him to be very knowledgeable of jazz and pop styles and was particularly helpful in working with my jazz band rhythm section.  His time spent with us was valuable as it encouraged each rhythm section member to go the next step by providing stylistic ideas and at the same time encouraging them to dig deeper into their own creativity.

The students caught his vision through the use of word pictures and stories, which made his instruction easy to follow.  The students enjoyed hearing some immediate change and success in their playing, at the same time receiving more feedback for growth.

The effect on our entire band was very positive.  Not only did we receive higher rhythm section scores at the next jazz festival, the entire band brought their playing to new heights.  The next week we honed those concepts and took the band to a Heritage Festival in Seattle, where we received the honor of being the #2 jazz band out of seven at the festival.   I contribute much of our success to the growth that occurred immediately following Mr. Bouhey’s clinic with the group.

Through all of this we have decided to have him return next year in some fashion, maybe even as a festival adjudicator/clinician.  Please consider the possibility of Mr. Bouhey coming to work with your group.  His rates are reasonable and you will find the growth and encouragement to your program worth the time and money spent.


Larry Jackson,Director

 Scappoose HS Jazz Band

503-543-6376, ex. 5144